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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Venus Touch work?

When a very small amount of Venus Touch is massaged on the clitoris, the physical manipulation and the cream will:

  • Stimulate nerve endings
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Open blood vessels (a process called vasodilation), thereby carrying the nutrients quickly to the tissues

The amino acids Arginine and Ornithine, help to produce nitric acid where needed, signalling the necessary engorgement and muscular response. The result is ecstasy!

How do I use/apply Venus Touch?

A very small amount of the cream should be applied to the fingertip and gently massaged on the clitoris for up to one minute. This creates a heating/tingling sensation - or cool burning sensation - a feeling that lasts for a few minutes. The level of the sensation is different for every woman, and diminishes with each application. Many women report that the tingling disappears after 3 to 5 applications.

How long before arousal takes place?

The optimum arousal effect may occur within ten to thirty minutes, but may take longer. The more Venus Touch is used, the less time it usually takes for peak results, and the more potent and pleasurable the reactions.

Can I use Venus Touch during intercourse?

During sexual encounters the cream can be re-applied for extended pleasure and for additional lubrication.

What do the herbs in Venus Touch do?

The velvet antler, Siberian ginseng, palm tocotrienols, and ginkgo biloba work to restore energy and libido, and to improve the integrity of vaginal tissue.

Velvet antler and Siberian ginseng are powerful adaptogens (which means they help to normalize functions, but unlike drugs, they do not continue their action when no longer needed). These are also long-known aphrodisiacs that help to increase a woman's ability to handle stress more effectively and to improve circulation and metabolic efficiency. Velvet antler also helps in the production of testosterone, which is the hormone of desires for both men and women.

Tocotrienols, the best form of vitamin E, act as powerful antioxidants. Interesting: tocotrienols have better availability through the skin than when taken orally, penetrating rapidly and efficiently. Vitamin E also improves the activity of nitric oxide, essential for an orgasm.

Along with aloe vera, Venus Touch ingredients work to keep vaginal tissue lubricated and healthy.

How strong is Venus Touch?

The actual concentrations of the active ingredients in Venus Touch are quite dilute, but because a woman's genital tissues are extremely sensitive, Venus Touch will stimulate a vigorous tingle.

Why is progesterone in this formula?

The small amount of progesterone helps to normalize hormone balance. Because of the synthetic estrogens in our environment, most women are deficient in progesterone, or have unhealthful ratios of estrogen to progesterone. It is also known as the "feel-good" hormone.

Will the progesterone in the formula affect my birth control pill?

No! The amount of progesterone is very small--extremely minute--and in no way will interfere with birth control.

How was the formula developed?

The formula for Venus Touch is based on the research done by Betty Kamen, PhD, cited in her book, "She's Gotta Have It: Sexuality, Euphoria, Orgasm: The Essential Sex Health Manual Every Woman Must Read." Dr. Kamen is respected and well known worldwide as a medical and nutrition researcher. (The book contains 451 medical journal references.)

Who should use Venus Touch?

Venus Touch should be used by any woman interested in increasing her sexual arousal and satisfaction. It can be used to increase libido, help to achieve orgasm, inspire more interest in sex, and resolve the problem of vaginal dryness. It is especially beneficial for women who are on anti-depressants that reduce sexual desire.

Will it encourage climax to occur too soon?

Women report that they are able to experience multiple climax experiences for the first time with the use of Venus Touch.

Can Venus Touch be used by older women?

Women of all ages can use Venus Touch.

How long must I use Venus Touch before getting results?

In most cases, women can expect instant results with the use of this cream, and progressively improve their responses with three or more successive uses. Sexual stimulation such as touching, caressing, massaging, and other activities of foreplay are important for maximum benefit.

Will my partner notice the difference if I use Venus Touch?

Your partner may notice that you are sexually more responsive. Indirectly, this could improve your partner's performance.

If I take drugs for medical reasons, will this be counterproductive for the purpose of the drugs I take?

The ingredients are totally compatible with human metabolism and should not interfere with the action of a drug. However, if you have a serious medical problem, please consult your physician.

Can I have confidence in Venus Touch?

Venus Touch is individually packaged and compounded in a medical grade facility. Nurses and other women, including physicians, have also clinically evaluated it. Venus Touch has been laboratory tested.

Does Venus Touch work for everyone?

More than 90 percent of women who have used Venous Touch have found it to be incredibly helpful and fulfill its promise.

How long does each use last?

The length of time that Venus Touch remains effective after application varies from woman to woman. You may experience the reaction for 15 to 30 minutes, or even as long as a day, and even into the next day.

Is it safe to perform oral sex with Venus Touch?

Yes. Venus Touch is non-toxic and has the taste of a very strong vitamin.

Do I need a prescription for Venus Touch?

No. Venus Touch in a non-prescription safe cream. The ingredients are all available over-the-counter in any health store or pharmacy.

Should I use Venus Touch if I have no problem with sex?

Yes, Venus Touch is a sexual stimulant that will enhance your orgasm. It can make things that feel good, feel great, and things that feel great, feel fabulous.

Are there other side effects and benefits with the use of Venus Touch?

There are no known side effects with the use of Venus Touch. Many of the herbs in Venus touch have been used successfully in association with female functions.

Why a cream rather than swallowing these same ingredients?

Using a cream allows you to apply as much or as little as you find effective. Because vaginal tissue is a good conduit for absorption, far less quantity is required for the same effects to occur if taken orally. Sexual stimulation in particular lends itself very well to topical application.