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About Venus Touch

What Is It? 
Venus Touch is an all-natural topical stimulant cream. There are over 50 applications, when used as instructed, per pump-container (as low as 97 cents per application). 

Why Is It Needed? 
The list for the causes of discontent is surprisingly long. 

The most frequent complaints are decreased libido, vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, declining sensation, and difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm (Current Opinions in Urology 1999;9:563A.). 

Problem Percent with Problem
Lack of interest in sex 87.2%
Difficulty achieving orgasm 83.3%
Inadequate natural lubrication 74.7%
Difficult or painful intercourse 71.7%
Body image concerns 68.5%
Unmet sexual needs 67.2%
Ignorance of basic information about sexual issues 63.4%
Other studies show even higher rates.

Yet one of the most common sexual stumbling block cited in the medical journal Sex and Marital Therapy is too little foreplay before intercourse (Journal of Family Practice 2000; 49(3):229-32). 

Who Can Benefit From using Venus Touch Cream? 

Fifty million women in North America are less than satisfied and suffer from female sexuality dysfunction. This cream may benefit anyone who wants to improve their intimacy with a partner.